Little Funhouse

Our infants and toddlers house

What we provide

Space and time to explore, learn and grow

Little Funhouse is our infants and toddlers house. We have a roll of 20 infants and toddlers each day at a ratio of 1:4.

Little Funhouse has a dedicated baby room where our youngest pepe have a safe space to play and learn and have their needs met.

We also have a mobile infants and toddlers lounge which flows out onto a deck and outdoor area.

Our onsite cook prepares fresh meals daily; catering for our littlest pepe just starting out on pureed veges right through to our toddlers who are on a full diet. We also cater for children with food allergies.

We provide cows’ milk once your child reaches this stage but request that parents please provide your choice of formula or breast milk for your child – this will be labelled and used for your child only.

We also provide wipes, powder, and nappy cream but request that parents please provide your choice of nappies which we keep in a named cubby and use on your child only.

Your child will also have their own bag hook where their belongings, spare sets of clothes, and special personal items are kept together.

What a day at Little Funhouse looks like

Responsive to the rhythms of our children

At Little Funhouse we know that depending on your babies age and stage he/she will have different needs for sleep, play, and care. We run our day taking into consideration the rhythms of each child and in collaboration with the routines you, the parent, have established for them.

In between meeting each child’s individual needs, we provide a free play and free choice curriculum where we offer a wide range of resources, equipment and activities to stimulate our tamariki in all the different areas of their development.

Daily Programme

Knowing what to expect makes children feel safe and secure

7:15 Funhouse opens for the day
8:00 Breakfast is available until 8:30am
9:30 Morning tea
10:00 Nappies checked and changed
11:00 Rolling lunch time – small groups of five/six children eat together
12:00 Nappies checked and changed
12:30 Morning session ends, afternoon session begins
12:45 Afternoon sleepers settled for bed
2:00 Nappies checked and changed
2:30 Afternoon tea time
4:00 Nappies checked and changed
4:30 Belongings gathered, bikkie and story time
5:30 Funhouse closes for the day